The Reaching Out Through Skype Reaching Out Through Skype is a multidisciplinary project that connects children with different backgrounds, ages and from different countries. The project aims to inspire children to learn multiple languages and to get in touch with their artistic talent

Multilingualism – let’s celebrate!

Early October, after thorough preparation and with the support of teachers from different disciplines, the children exchanged their presentations during a series of Skype sessions. The theme of the presentation is different each year. We have seen “My home” (2013), “Friendship” (2014) and “Theatre” (2015). The theme of 2016/2017 is MY FAVOURITE NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

The sound of the native language is just one of the elements of the presentation. Showing interest in the cultures you meet is another element until it reaches its culmination, a "magic moment", when a song, rehearsed in the language of the partner country is performed for each other. It always comes as a surprise.

A creative task The bridge between the schools has been built and the students will now be working on a creative task that will result in an International Children's Photo Exhibition.

The project has been initiated and coordinated by Litouws Cultureel Centrum and is performed with the support of The European Commission and the Dutch Lithuanian Culture Centre.

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