Reaching Out Through Skype is an international, multidisciplinary project that connects children with different backgrounds, ages and from different countries. The project aims to inspire children to learn multiple languages and to get in touch with their artistic talent.

Pupils from Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium (Georgia)

Multilingualism – let’s celebrate!
Early October, annually, after a thorough preparation and with the support of teachers from different disciplines, the children exchange their presentations during a series of Skype sessions. The theme of the presentation is different each year. We have seen “My home” (2013), “Friendship” (2014) and “Theatre” (2015), My Favourite National Holiday (2016). The theme of 2017/2018 is DESIGN.

The sound of the native language is just one of the elements of the presentation. Showing interest in the cultures you meet is another element until it reaches its culmination, a "magic moment", when a song, rehearsed in the language of the partner country is performed for each other. It always comes as a surprise.

The project continues with a preparation for the photo exhibition STREETS OF EUROPE.
Following the topic of 2017/2018 - Design - children and students aged from 13 to 20 where observing their surroundings and collected a variety of images with design and graffiti in their streets.

All of those images will be included in the photo exhibition, which this year will be constructed using the parametric design techniques.

The photographs, made by the pupils of six participating countries, and the pupils' research on Italian design - under the supervision of Mr. Enrico Bassan (teacher of Liceo Cassico e Linguistico Statale Aristofane) are now collected on

With GREAT APPRECIATION and THANKS FOR THE WORK AND CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE TEACHERS: Anita Klein (HUNGARY), Rosário Barros (PORTUGAL), Enrico Bassan (ITALY), Rūta Šukevičienė, Rūta Tirlikienė (LITHUANIA), Irene Keizer, Geke de Hoop (THE NETHERLANDS), Ljerka Miletić, Sandra Prpic (CROATIA).

Illustrations of the previous edditions can be seen here

From 08.02.2017 to 10.03.2017 A creative task

The pupils of initially nine Europe European schools enrolled in this creative part of the project, after the Skype sessions of "Reaching Out Through Skype. Via the medium of Skype they shared their stories about their motherlands' national holidays and celebrations. Showing appreciation to the other country they sang a song in the language of the partner school.

Afterwards, from January 2017 onwards, the images made by the students on the day of the Public Holiday of their choice, were collected from Hungary, Lithuanian, Belgium, The Netherlands, Northen and Southen Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia.

The 36 pictures were selected for the photo exhibition YOUR COUNTRY YOUR CELEBRATION, which travelled to all the participating countries. The exhibition was opened in Museo delle Civiltà – Museo nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni popolari in Rome.

With participation of: Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium (Budapest), ISTITUTO TECNICO PER IL TURISMO “C. COLOMBO”(Rome), Christ the King School (The Isle of Wight), RSG Slingerbos |Levant (Harderwijk),Osnovna šola Jarenina (Jarenina), Osnovna škola Brezovica (Brezovica), 2nd Primary school of Mytikas (Mytikas), VBS De Krekel (Roersbrugge).

The project has been initiated by Litouws Cultureel Centrum and is performed with the support of The European Commission and the Dutch Lithuanian Culture Centre.

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