What is Cultural Heritage? Why is that important for us? How does it contribute to forming our Identity? What role does Cultural Heritage play for our communities?

The pupils of 6 different European countries will take a closer look at the subject “Shared Cultural Heritage” and hopefully will be confident in answering those questions.

'Our shared Cultural Heritage - Where the Past meets the Future' is the subject of the new edition of the international project “Reaching Out Through Skype”. This multidisciplinary project aims to connect children with different backgrounds, ages and from different countries in order to inspire them to learn multiple languages and to express their artistic talent.

Last Friday the new edition of the project REACHING OUT THROUGH SKYPE has started with the international teachers' meeting in Rome. The 2 day meeting was organized in order to plan further activities in 6 different countries and to discuss the implementation of the subject. The meeting took place in Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari with the participation of representatives from 6 European countries: France, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy and Romania and started with a ‘welcome’ by the museum director, Mr. Filippo Maria Gambari, who underlined the importance of the project and expressed his commitment in cooperating in this project, as it is "very important to make the younger generation aware of the importance of the past".

A central part of the meeting was the presentation of a Board member and Scientific Council member of Europa Nostra, architect Paolo Vitti. Inspired by the passionate presentation by Paolo Vitti, the teachers back home will invite their students to think more closely about cultural heritage in their countries, to understand the importance of cultural heritage, and perhaps even invite their pupils to follow a suggestion of Mr. Vitti, to allow the pupils to look for an example of cultural heritage in their countries that originates from a different culture.
During the meeting the project partners had the opportunity to see the outcome of the previous edition of Reaching Out Through Skype, its exhibition "In the Streets of Europe", which was introduced by the former participant of the project, Italian student Ilaria Gabrieli.

Our project partners are:
Museo delle Civilta (Italy)
Liceo Classico e Linguistico Statale Aristofane (Italy)
Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium (Hungary)
High School Craiova (Romania)
Lycée Louis Bascan (France)
Anykščių r. Traupio pagrindine mokykla (Lithuania)
RSG Slingerbos |Levant (The Netherlands)

This European Day of Languages project has been initiated and coordinated by Litouws Cultureel Centrum and is performed with the support of The European Commission and the Dutch Lithuanian Culture Centre