Thu 16, May 2019, 19:00 - in De Brakke Grond (Nes 45)

Fri 17th, 13:00 - at the OBA (Oosterdokskade 143)

The European Literature Night 2019, on 16 and 17 May will be celebrating the Library, in collaboration with the OBA (Openbare bibliotheek Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Public Library), which marks its 100th anniversary. Twelve writers and poets from all over Europe will talk of librarians and readers, about accidental encounters with books and people, about the first library they ever visited, about nostalgia for paper and dust, endless rows of books on shelves, the thrill of digital texts available world-wide. About the past and future of reading.

Lina Buividavičiūtė, a young Lithuanian poet, will paraticipate in European Literature Night 2019 in Amsterdam!

Lina Buividavičiūtė, born in 1986 in Kaunas, is a Lithuanian poet and a literary scholar. As a literary critic Lina works at Lithuanian Radio, writes for numerous literary magazines. She also teaches film at a local secondary school. Lina studied Dentistry, Lithuanian Philology and has a doctorate in the field of Lithuanian literature. In 2017 her first poetry book, "Helsinki Syndrome", was published. Her poems are published in numerous Lithuanian cultural almanacs and are translated into English, Greek, Hebrew and Polish languages. Lina’s poetry is full of unexpected collisions, cultural, mythological and theological associations, often grown into provocation. Lina lives and works Vilnius.

All Participating Authors:

Andrej Blatnik (Slovenia), Lina Buividavičiūtė (Lithuania), Gandolfo Cascio (Italy), Andrei-Paul Corescu (Romania), Kerem Eksen (Turkey), Almudena Grandes (Spain), Delphine Lecompte (Belgium), Jannah Loontjens (The Netherlands), Jasim Mohamed (Sweden), Marek Šindelka (Czech Republic), Shumona Sinha (France), Zoe Strachan (United Kingdom), Felicitas von Lovenberg (Germany)

European Literature Night at the OBA

On Friday 17 May, from 13 till 16 hours, the authors will be at the OBA. The Amsterdam Public Library marks its 100 th anniversary, and will be hosting a series of talks and workshops this afternoon with students and other readers. Feel free to take part in a poetry translation workshop, practice your interview skills talking to the author of your choice or participate in a discussion about reading as a way to deel with a conflicted past, or about the rise of global literary citizenship. Hosts: Eric Metz, Suze van der Poll, Guido Snel.

When / Where

Thu 16 May 2019 - 19:00 / De Brakke Grond / Tickets: Price: €8 - €10, Tel.: De Brakke Grond +31(0)20 626 68 66 (kassa)

Fri 17 May 2019 - 13:00 / OBA Oosterdok / Tickets are free. Book your tickets at

Find out more about the Literature Night and tickets: De Brakke Grond, Central Box Office

European Literature Night is organized by EUNIC Netherlands in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania and Litouws Cultureel Centrum.

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